Guru Besar Bp. H.S. Tulalessy was born in 1944 in Cimahi, a very famous village on West-Java. At the age of ten he started practicing Pencak Silat, the noble martial art of Indonesia. Bp. Tulalessy was brought up by the older generation, thus, everything he heard and saw was about Pencak Silat and the West-Javanese mysticism. As a result Bp. Tulalessy is familiar with all kinds of Ilmu that are found on Jawa Barat (West-Java). This also placed him in a privileged position to visit all the holy places of this beautiful island. To give you an insight into Bp. Tulalessy's experience you will find an overview of the (Maha) Guru Besars below, from whom he learned many West-Javanese styles.

  • Almarhum Bp. Sukana, Guru Besar/Pendekar of the Perguruan Pencak Silat Cimande Putra Pajajaran in Cimahi, Kampung Baros (Gang Kebon Sari), Jawa Barat (West-Java). The founder of this style, Bp. Eyang (or Uyut) Ulam Sari, was his grandmother's (Ibu or Ema Sayi) father. As he was also the village eldest, this Kampung bears his name out of respect, namely Kampung Baros Gang Kebon Sari. After Almarhum Guru Besar Bp. Sukana's death, the training was continued by Guru Besar/Pendekar Bp. Subana, also in Cimahi.
  • Almarhum Eyan Haji Aji, Maha Guru/Pendekar Aliran Cimande Tarikolot, Padepokan (Central Cimande Tarikolot) in Bogor Pedaleman, Jawa Barat (West-Java). After Almarhum Eyang Haji Aji's death the training was continued by Guru Besar/Pendekar Bp. Hamid.
  • Bp. Dr. Tatang, Pendekar Aliran Cikalong who taught this Aliran in the Padepokan Cikalong in Cianjur, Jawa Barat (West-Java).
  • Almarhum Bp. Emad Suki, Guru Besar/Pendekar Perguruan Elang Jaya (White Eagle) Jakarta Selatan, Aliran Serak in Bogor, Jawa Barat (West-Java).
  • Guru Besar/Pendekar Bp. Amo Sudarmo, Perguruan Pencak Silat Macan Tutul in Sumedang, Jawa Barat (West-Java) and Guru Besar/Pendekar Bp. Sumarna, Pendekar Aliran Pamonyet and Aliran Pamacan in Pamengpek Garut, Jawa Barat (West-Java).
  • Almarhum Bp. Uyuh Suwanda, Guru Besar/Pendekar Perguruan Pencak Silat Beladiri Mande Muda in Bandung (Jalan Moh. Ramdan), Jawa Barat (West-Java).
  • Almarhum Bp. Haji Sapari, Guru Besar/Pendekar Aliran Cimande Tarikolot and Aliran Sahbandar in Bandung (Jalan Haji Sapari), Jawa Barat (West-Java).